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Whether your company is a startup, a small public company, a private company looking to go public or a completely new venture our services can help.

Keystone Gate is an independent professional services firm providing a multiple of disciplines. Much of what we do falls outside traditional "hired gun" services. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, ability to deliver, and our track record of successes.

We have extensive experience in dealing with complicated business situations, adversarial relationships, and limited budgets.

Advisory and Management Services

A great solution is one that anticipates and solves the problem before it impacts your business. Keystone Gate specializes in proactive solutions for the three most important facets of any business; strategic management, corporate structure, capitalization.

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Research, Analysis, and Reports

Keystone Gate provides our clients with business intelligence and research they need to make informed decisions as it pertains to their business and industry. These custom reports address general and specific aspects of our client's business and can then be used as a foundation in creating or updating a business plan and strategy.

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Business Plans & Strategy

Business Plans can range in form from a confidential, in-house, detailed "how-to" plan, to an external, investor-level disclosure document, or, can be a short conceptual framework. Depending upon the present need and the present stage of development of the business concept, writing a business plan may (or may not) include research, strategy development or refinement, financial analysis and projections, market narratives, evaluative discussions, management bio's, charts and graphics, and possibly many other aspects.

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Investor Relations Services

Investor Relations is an important aspect of any small public company who wishes to attract investment capital, gain stock momentum, and expand confidence in the company. Most executive management and their Board of Directors lack the detailed understanding of the mechanics of these services; including corporate structure, required filings, laws and regulations. Keystone Gate can give these companies a comprehensive program and strategy that will allow a company to focus on its business.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Keystone Gate is an expert on the advantages of mergers and acquisitions for a small public company. Finding and evaluating the right companies for an acquisition or merger is a science in itself. There are multiple factors involved and rely on information, knowledge and experience. Strategic analysis and planning are critical due to the hard nose nature of negotiations involved in an acquisition or a merger.

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Becoming a Public Company

Taking a company public involves more than lawyers and accountants. There are a series of transactions often needed prior to any filing to put the company into a position to move smoothly forward on its way to becoming public. Keystone Gate is able work with owners, stakeholders, and management to put a company's records in order to facilitate the transition.

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Contact Us in Confidence and Confidentiality

There's no such thing as a generic industry solution from Keystone Gate. Our services are designed for executive management, inventors, entrepreneurs and business owners. As Advisors, we Research, Plan, Organize and deliver an Executable Solution as part of our client's team. Our communications are timely, straight forward and on point.

Contact us with your situation, idea, problem or just seeking general information and we'll be happy to review and give you our feedback.

About Keystone Gate

Founded in 2013, Keystone Gate has long been recognized for advising small companies in multiple industries to achieve success and growth. We specialize in strategic corporate development, financial analysis, and in-depth reporting of the processes that drive a business and allow our clients to make better, more informed strategic decisions in the areas important to them.

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Our Commitment

Keystone Gate's mission is to provide the highest quality service to its clients.

Business opportunities grow in size and complexity; advisory relationships are more important than ever and need to be based on trust and respect. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, ability to deliver, and our track record of successes.

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